Gold solution

As a Sun metal, Gold fosters the capacity to Self-knowledge. This makes the gold solution an important tool of personal development. Gold strengthens the “inner Alchemist”, which – according to Paracelsus – is the regulator of all metabolic processes. Gold is the catalyser of the inner power and the conductor of the energy flows. It increases brain efficiency and concentration, speeds up the reaction of the nervous system.

Spiritual qualities: Colloidal Gold contributes to the activation of the „third eye“ – a common designation of the gate of perception, leading to inner worlds and to higher states of consciousness. It gives access to sources hitherto unknown, opens higher grades of insight into spiritual dimensions and develops intuition. Gold is a substance directly connected to the vital forces of life.

Gold regulates the electric and magnetic properties of the organism.

Its regulatory influence operates especially in the spinal column.

Monatomic gold is a white powder with a two-dimensional atomic structure. Normal gold is a three-dimensional atomic structure, which appears to us a gold-coloured metal. Golden colloid contains separate atoms of gold. One can observe here the so-called Plasmon oscillation – the exchange of electrons in the gold atoms. This causes the absorption of light and give the gold solution its slight colouration.

No health claims concerning the gold solution are legally allowed.





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Legal warning

The sale of solutions of Silver/Gold/Copper/Zinc (colloids) as medical remedies is forbidden by law.

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