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Colloids are particles of metal diluted and evenly spread in distilled water. In quality colloids the size of these particles is so small, that they preserve a state of suspension. The metal particles remain in the state of Brownian molecular movement and do not sink to the bottom because of gravity. In a high quality colloid the forces of attraction and repulsion between particles are counterbalanced. This prevents the particles from clumping together.

Quality Colloids of Mag. T. Lauringer guarantee these properties.

They contain 70 to 80% of positively charged highly active Silver / Gold / Copper / Zink compounds and only a small amount of ions – on the average ten times more efficient than similar products on the market.

Colloids are produced by electrolysis. The metal particles under high tension are diluted in the distilled water and remain in the state of suspension. Good quality solutions can be produced only by high-voltage generators. Appliances made for home use will mostly yield ions and large particles. That is why colloidal solutions must not be kept next to electric appliances or magnets, otherwise the colloidal state (electric charge) of the solution will be affected!

Quality Colloids of Mag. T. Lauringer offer a much high level of stability. They can be kept in glass, plastic or other containers. With the Quality Colloids there is no need to fear the magnetic interference: no household appliance has a magnetic field strong enough to impact our products. A mobile phone can do them absolutely no harm.

The Ancients used solutions of Silver / Gold / Copper long before their scientific nature was discovered and understood. An intensive study of the colloids began only in the modern times. Owing to the technical difficulties of production of high quality colloids, their positive impact came to be known relatively late. Already the Alchemists had a certain notion of the gold solution and its qualities. British physicist Thomas Graham introduced the term “colloid” (the Greek for “glue”) in 1861. But it was only in the last decades that these colloids came to be seriously studied. This study enables today the production of high quality colloidal solutions.

Owing to even distribution in the water, the colloid particles have an interface incomparably greater than their size. They can easily reach and interact with every cell in the body. The most important body liquids – the blood and the lymph - are in fact colloids. The potential of colloids had been directly acknowledged by medicine. A colloidal particle is approximately 2000 times smaller than a bacterium. It is constituted by 15 atoms at the most. For a comparison, a blood corpuscle is some 60 000 times bigger.

A wide impact zone makes colloids efficient means for treatment of drinking water. Harmful substances and pollutants loose or diminish their toxic qualities and mobility once locked with the colloid particles. Solutions are vital to all bio-systems. For example, the phytoplankton absorbs the iron it needs only in the colloidal form.

Our products are recommended by doctors, therapists and are often used by individuals on their own.

Legal warning. Solutions of Silver / Gold / Copper / Zinc (colloids) are not legally recognized as medicines.


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Legal warning

The sale of solutions of Silver/Gold/Copper/zinc (colloids) as medical remedies is forbidden by law.
The information above is drawn primarily from the results of research done in the US and the experience of doctors and health practitioners in Europe.







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