Silver solution

Silver was known for its healing properties already in Antiquity. Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indians and Chinese used silver for medical purposes.

Spiritual qualities: Silver fosters the metaphysical reorientation of consciousness. As Moon metal, silver strengthens the reflection and the imaginative side of the consciousness.

Silver actively supports the self-healing power of the organism. Its impact sets the organism in harmony with the cosmic rhythm. Colloidal silver strengthens will power and perception. It creates inner peace and helps the mind to focus. Silver increases the potential of Self-knowledge and thus gives an efficient help to personal development.

Silver appears as one of elements that can directly contact the Life’s vital energies. All the cells in the body communicate via electrons. The colloid solutions increase the electric conductivity.

Silver solution can be used on plants affected by bacteria, mushrooms or viruses. Silver colloid also helps destroy any parasitic micro-organisms in watering systems and in the soil. Silver solution should be sprinkled on the leaves of plants or added to the irrigation water.
Silver solution is useful means for disinfection and preservation of drinking water.

No health claims concerning silver solution are legally allowed.





Silberkolloide Spray


Silver soulution Spray

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Legal warning

The sale of solutions of Silver/Gold/Copper/Zinc (colloids) as medical remedies is forbidden by law.

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